Contributing Authors

Chief Writer/Editor
Our chief writer/editor has a BA in Political Science and MA in International Affairs. He is a registered Independent.

LDS Consultant/Writer/Editor
Our consultant in LDS doctrine and culture is a life-long member of the LDS Church and a recent graduate of Brigham Young University (BYU) in Provo, Utah.

We at ExposeRomney.com stand behind our facts and conclusions; our desire to remain anonymous is to ensure we remain free from reprisals and condemnation at the workplace from LDS co-workers and at home from family members. Those within the LDS community will understand this concern. 

Research Methodology
Mormons are indoctrinated from an early age that they must avoid reading any literature that questions or criticizes the LDS Church, thus it is entirely possible that Mormons might not even be fully aware of many of the controversies that plague their religion.  The LDS Church even publishes literature instructing members how to respond to common questions.  Constant reinforcement explains the typical perfunctory responses; hence most Mormons will not be swayed when confronted with even the most irrefutable evidence.  

The contributing authors and editors of this site have taken great pains to thoroughly research and cite this content.  In addition, our LDS consultant reviews all articles for accuracy with regard to doctrine and common tenets.  These are standard requirements for any academic work, but it is of particular importance for this subject matter.  The LDS Church and the Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies (FARMS) routinely publishes books, articles and counter-claims without properly documenting their sources or simply refuting an allegation without supporting evidence. 


Commitment to Accuracy:

  • If we quote an LDS Prophet, Apostle, leader, professor or author we cite the reference, provide bibliographic information and when possible provide a link to an official LDS website so you can view the original source document in the proper context.
  • Whenever a doctrine or prophecy has been changed by the LDS Church, we have provided the original text (cited version) and the revised text.  
  • To avoid claims of heresy and conjecture, we make thorough use of extensive LDS video and audio.  Often Mormons claim that critics fabricate claims or misrepresent the LDS Church’s doctrine and beliefs; this is not always an untrue statement.  Thanks to YouTube, we can now provide actual video footage confirming statements and teachings of the Prophet and Church leadership.  These are complied from official LDS educational materials, Mormon missionary training classes, and interviews with the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley.

We ask the American electorate to do something the Mormons, themselves, are forbidden to do. Read and research these topics.  Do not just take our word for it.  Read and analyze material from multiple scholarly sources – religious, academic, historical, and scientific.  Review LDS approved books and websites as well as independent and opposing materials.



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