July 7, 2007
The Mormon Wildcard
Contributing Author

This article is an analysis of the role of religion in American politics with emphasis on the implications of a Mormon president.  The author claims it is impossible to separate Mitt Romney the presidential candidate from the LDS Church and its objectives.

July 9, 2007
Are Mormons Christian?
Contributing Author

Mitt Romney claims he is a Christian and that the LDS Church has the same beliefs as the other Christian traditions.  This author is not debating the minute details of Christian dogma, but asserts the doctrines of the LDS Church are in conflict with the fundamental beliefs of traditional Christianity.  More importantly, Mitt Romney knows this is true, but is running a campaign to deceive the electorate in order to lock in the Evangelical vote.  Read all about the differences.

August 1, 2007
An Insider's Perspective
Contributing Author

The purpose of this article is to explore two common misconceptions about Mitt Romney in relation to his religion: first, the assertion that Romney’s religion does not have an effect on his politics, and second the claims relating to Romney’s distance from the doctrines of his church.






Are Mormons Christian?

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