The Restoration - Joseph Smith First Vision  

LDS Official Visitor Center Video - Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

This is the official LDS video describing Joseph Smith's first vision that shows daily at the visitor center at the Mormon Temple in Salt lake City, Utah. It shows a young Joseph Smith receiving the first vision of God the Father and his son Jesus as two completely separate personages. This is also the vision in which God tells Joseph not to join any of the current Christian churches because they were all an "abomination" in God's eyes.  The LDS Church typically sanitizes their content and removes such divisive language in their public materials.

The LDS Church’s portrayal of Joseph Smith is quite different than what we see in the public record.  Here he’s portrayed as a young humble farm boy from a well-respected religious family.  This is not the same reputation the Smith family enjoyed while living in upstate New York where Joseph and his father were known as the local con men with the court records to prove it.

This video shows the young Joseph Smith contemplating the existing Christian churches and wondering which one he should join.  Smith comments: “God could not be the author of so much confusion.”  This is a very wise and insightful statement - Now take a good look into Mormonism and decide for yourself, could a religion so full of demonstrable errors and erroneous doctrines be from God?

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Mormon Missionaries Instructed in the Art of Deception    

Robert Millet, a Professor of Ancient Scripture, BYU


Robert Millet, famed LDS author and Brigham Young University (BYU) professor instructs young men preparing for their Mormon mission. He tells them not to worry when asked difficult or controversial questions because as members of the LDS Church they already know far more about God than anyone else they will encounter. Millet shows an arrogance that pervades the Mormon culture, but is rarely captured on film because of the closed nature of the religion. His instructions to Mormon missionaries include:
___ - Mormons do not need to provide a straight answer to every question
___ - When possible avoid certain subect areas that Christians will find objectionable.
___ - When asked a difficult question by a non-Mormon, don't answer that question,
____ answer the question that person "should have asked."

This methodology appears quite deceptive, but explains where Mitt Romney received his training prior to enterring politics. Romney attended similar missionary training prior to his 2-year mission.

Find out more about Robert Millet and his published works at the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship at Brigham Young University (BYU).

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LDS Stake President - Sanitizes Mormon Doctrine for Public    

Brent Belnap, Mormon Stake President, Manhattan, New York

Brent Belnap went on the Today show with Matt Lauer and had some interesting comments on the LDS religions and Mormon missionaries. The LDS Church is often criticized because of its missionary efforts, specifically trageting poor and uneducated people from third-world nations as their most fertile ground for converts. Belnap makes the missionary message sound more like they offered the LDS faith as just an "alternative," but not essential. Here is the question and response:

Matt Lauer, Today Show Anchor:
"Are you saying it's the only path to God and Salvation or are you presenting it as an alternative?

Brent Belnap, LDS Stake President:
" I think it's more as an alternative."

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LDS Prophet - Mormonism and Polygamy


LDS President (Prophet) Gordon B. Hinckley

"This Church has nothing whatever to do with those practicing poligamy. They are not members of this Church. Most of them have never been members... More than a century ago God clearly revealed unto his Prophet Wilford Woodruff that the practice of plural marriage (poligamy) should be discontinued, which means it is now against the law of God."

What does this really tell us?
_ 1) God revealed to the Prophet Joseph Smith that early Mormons should practice poligamy.
___ What did the LDS members do? They obeyed the Prophet

_ 2) The current Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley says that God then revealed to to the
_ __ then Prophet Wilford Woodruff that they should discontinue plural marriage (publically).
___ What did the LDS members do? They obeyed the Prophet

_ 3) Obey the laws of the Prophet as they are the laws of God or face excommunucation.
___ Two thoughts: Does that mean Mitt Romney has to obey the Prophet or face
___ excommunication?
The last time I checked there were tens of thousands of polygamists
___ in Utah. So just how many people has the LDS Church excommunicated?

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LDS Prophet - Why Blacks Were Denied the LDS Priesthood    

LDS President (Prophet) Gordon B. Hinckley

Until 1978, no person of African descent was allowed into the LDS (Mormon) priesthood. A German reporter asks LDS President (Prophet) Gordon B. Hinckley why this was the case. His response begs the question of whether Mr. Hinckley can rightly be called a "prophet, seer and revelator". He doesn't know why it took so long, but God says it's OK now.

His response also demonstrates the patronizing and paternalistic attitude that many in the LDS Church still adopt toward persons of color.

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LDS Prophet - It's Not Doctrinal (Polygamy)    

LDS President (Prophet) Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon B. Hinckley talks to Larry King about Mormonism and polygamy and decalres emphatically that it's not doctrinal.

Why is poligamy not doctrinal?
Answer: God changed his mind (well not exactly, but what do you call it when God tells you to do one thing, then decides a few decades later that it is now completely wrong. Or you could just accept the commonly held belief that Mormon leadership just wanted the Utah territory to become a US state and therefore had to renounce polygamy - A convenient time for God to give a new revelation telling the LDS Prophet to discontiue plural marriage (polygamy).

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LDS Prophet - We Never Speak Negatively Of Other Churches    

LDS President (Prophet) Gordon B. Hinckley

This video shows the hypocrisy and contradictions of Gordon. B Hinckley his an the LDS Church as he claims "they never speak negatively of other churches."

Mormon doctrine teaches that after the death of the apostles the church fell into "darkness and apostasy" and that Joseph Smith restored the true Church of Christ. Mormon Prophets have consistently referred to the Catholic and Protestant denominations as the "church of the devil", the mother of all harlots" and "the whore of all the earth."  In Joseph Smith’s first vision, which is part of their canon, God tells Smith that all the other creeds (churches) are an "ABOMINATION" in his eyes.  Often the LDS Church claims that sometimes its leaders say something that is inappropriate or embarrassing, but those are just statements of  man and not doctrine, nor the word of God because he was not speaking as Prophet – similar to papal infallibility.  What’s most distressing about the most heinous statements made by early Mormon Prophets is that these were according to Joseph Smith the exact words of God.

The LDS Church has embarked on a major PR campaign to clean up its image and make its faith more attractive to potential converts from traditional Christian denominations.  In order to do this it must re-make its image in terms of relations with other religions.  Unfortunately, the LDS Prophets, Apostles, and educators have published countless books and speeches full of divisive references to other churches.

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Mormon Missionaries - Hidden Camera    

Mormon Missionaries Canvasing In Florida

This hidden video gives real insight into how the Mormon missionaries teach and act when proselytizing.  They were completely unaware they were recorded. 

It should be noted that Mormon missionaries are generally very amiable young men who truly believe in the LDS Church.  They are almost always very respectful of the people they encounter, but it's difficult to consider them respectful of other faiths as their sole purpose is to prove that all other faiths, even Christian faiths, are wrong in the eyes of God.

Young Mormon missionaries are indoctrinated through a long religious education program, culminating in an intensive prep course at the LDS Missionary Training Center.  This is why almost all Missionaries seem to be following a script - You almost feel like you're buying Tupperware.

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Mormon Apostle - Don't Ever Criticize the Church    

LDS Apostle Dallin H. Oaks


The LDS Church repeatedly denies that its members follow the LDS leadership blindly and that Mormons think freely and express openly how they feel. This is another example of the LDS Church PR campaign for the general public and how if differs dramatically from practice inside the Church.

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